Family Discipleship Resources

Storybook Bibles and Children's Bibles

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The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible

The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook

The Big Picture Story Bible

The Biggest Story

ESV Kid's Bible

For Storytime

The Garden the Curtain and the Cross

God's Very Good Idea

Goodbye to Goodbyes

The Big Wide Welcome

The Donkey Who Carried a King

Little Pilgrim's Progress

The Apostles' Creed For All God's Children

Who Sang the First Song?

Courageous World Changers

Love Gave

The Ology

Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat

Books for Tough Subjects

The Moon is Always Round

For explaining God's goodness in hard times. Discusses infant loss.

Henry Says Good-Bye

For discussing loss with children.

God Made Boys and Girls

Helping children understand God's gift of gender.

Zoe's Hiding Place

For discussing anxiety with children.

Jax's Tail Twitches

For helping children through anger.

Buster's Ears Trip Him Up

How to talk about failure.

God Made All of Me

A book to help children protect their bodies.

It Will be Okay

Trusting God through fear and changes.

Family Devotions and Bible Studies

Meeting with Jesus

Long Story Short

New City Catechism

Media Resources for Parents

Raising Boys and Girls Podcast

Risen Motherhood Podcast