CP Kids Volunteers

Everything you need to serve in CP Kids

Why we serve...

At CrossPointe we believe that the children in our midst need the transforming power of the Gospel as much as the adults do. We count it as an enormous privilege to share the best news of Jesus with the youngest in our church. We are always in need of volunteers in many different areas. This page is a hub of sorts for all everything you might need to serve in CP Kids. If you're a current volunteer, thank you for serving! If you're just checking things out, thank you for your consideration. Come join us in sharing the good news with the next generation of Christ's Church.

How to Become a CP Kids Volunteer

Because we desire to protect children involved in our ministry, CrossPointe Winter Park requires all staff members and volunteers working with children (and other vulnerable populations) to complete FOUR SAFETY STEPS before ministry work or volunteer placements begin.


We are always in need of people. We recruit by announcements, emails, reminders, word-of-mouth, signage, and personal invitation. To get started all you need to do is respond and let us know you're interested by filling out an application.

Volunteer Application


Because safety is a top priority for the children in our care we perform a number of reviews for each applicant including Background and Reference Checks.


You're not in this alone. We come alongside our volunteers and resource them with Christ-centered and industry-leading materials and training. These include Policy and Procedure Handbook Review, Job Shadowing, Sexual Abuse Training, and Planning Center Training.


Upon successful completion of the first 3 steps the volunteer is now ready to be released into ministry service. The final step here is to let us know your availability and from there we will handle scheduling you to serve.

Block-Out Dates

Incident Report

Incident Reports should be filed when a child is injured in our care. If you are uncertain whether one should be filled out or not, please contact the CP Kids Director for further guidance.

Jessica Green

CP Kids Director