Welcome to CP Kids!

At CrossPointe, we passionately believe several things about children which shape how we interact with and care for them.
We believe that every child is:

an image bearer—full of worthy & dignity

our neighbor—who we are called to love

and someone in need of the Gospel.

It is from these beliefs that we have formed our children’s ministry—centered on the good news of Jesus Christ. We do not believe in behavior modification. We believe in Gospel transformation—that the love of Christ changes us from the inside out. We know there are certainly imperfect heroes in the Bible, but we desire to point our children to the only infallible hero, Christ Himself.
Our Goals
Our Goals

At CP Kids, our goals every Sunday include:

1. Safety

We take the responsibility of caring for your children seriously. We have many layers of security in place including:

  • Background checks and training for all volunteers.
  • Multiple volunteers in each class to ensure accountability and child safety.
  • A secure check-in system that provides matching name tags so only the holder of the name tag can pick-up a child.
  • A secure building with classrooms designed with each age and developmental stage in mind.
  • Additionally, upon check-in we will ask about anything we should know about your children—allergies, disabilities, etc. We want to hear from the ones who know them best how to care for them.

2. Gospel Culture

We believe that the Gospel should be displayed in our doctrine AND in our community. If we divorce the Gospel from Doctrine, we end up with a weak understanding of scriptures and truth erring on the side of legalism and moralism. If we divorce the Gospel from community we become hypocrites-not practicing what we believe and heading the call to love God and love our neighbors.

Gospel doctrine for little hearts – We want to teach nothing more and nothing less than what is presented in Scriptures. To do that we use the Gospel Project Curriculum—which traces the storyline of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation over the course of three years. The hope is that if a child is in our ministry for nine years they will cycle through the story of the Bible three times. Every single story points to the hope we have in King Jesus.

Gospel community for children – We want our ministry to reflect the greater church. We want every child, regardless of background, to feel loved and welcome in our ministry. We believe that we are being given an opportunity to extend the love of Christ to these children and aim to do that in every interaction we have with the goal of shaping a culture of love and kindness in our classrooms.

3. Fun

We want to have fun! Through the expertise of experienced teachers we aim to communicate truths through fun activities, games, crafts, skits, and more. We believe that the best way to share the good news with children is in their own language—through fun active learning environments.

Family Viewing Area & Mom's Room
Family Viewing Area & Mom's Room

Those with infants or restless babies are also welcome to utilize our Livestream under the outdoor pavilion. We also have a Mom’s Room set up in the Education Building for those looking for a more private space to feed, change a diaper, etc. The Mom’s Room is equipped with comfortable chairs, a livestream of the service, and a changing table.

Meet Our CP Kids Director: Jessica Green

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