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  • Read Luke 13:18-21 – What is one thing that stand out to you from the passage or from the sermon this past Sunday?
  • Where in our culture do you see the draw/appeal of the big, the grandiose, the spectacle?
  • How do these parables push against some cultural norms and values?
  • The sermon spoke of 4 patterns (see below) revealed in these parables. Share one pattern that particularly challenges or encourages you in your current season of life.
    • Expansion pattern — from small to great
    • Inclusion pattern — from the few to the many
    • Transformation pattern — from the unseen to the seen
    • Gratification pattern — from instant to delayed
  • Read 1 Corinthians 1:22-25. How is the cross the ultimate manifestation of the mustard seed and leaven?


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